Monday, February 20, 2012

EV highway

I am thinking that a magnetic field would produce a drag on a vehicle.  It  would also affect non-electric vehicles.

I had a different thought that you could have a moving magnetic field that moves at 55 MPH.  The field would pull vehicles,  effectively making all vehicles electric.

John Coffey
From: Trout, Larry R
Subject: EV highway

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Friday, February 10, 2012

RE: below two miles of ice...

The only reason that it is liquid water (I suppose) is that the tremendous pressure changes the state?  Or ice simply floats on water?

John Coffey

From: Trout, Larry R

‘In the coldest spot on the earth’s coldest continent, Russian scientists have reached a freshwater lake the size of Lake Ontario after spending a decade drilling through more than two miles of solid ice, the scientists said Wednesday…

Lake Vostok, named after the Russian research station above it, is the largest of more than 280 lakes under the miles-thick ice that covers most of the Antarctic continent, and the first one to have a drill bit break through to liquid water from the ice that has kept it sealed off from light and air for somewhere between 15 million and 34 million years.

Isn’t this how a few horror movies start out.

I just hope we don’t release something our immune systems have never seen before J