Tuesday, June 21, 2022

What the HECK is Time?! (in Einstein’s Relativity)


I still have some problems with the concept of "spacetime".  It seems to conflate two things that aren't the same.  The problem with "spacetime" is that they sometimes make weird statements about extreme events, like saying that before the Big Bang there was no time, or that beneath the event horizon in a Black Hole that time flows toward the singularity.  Scientists say that the Theory of Relativity breaks down in extreme events and is most certainly not a complete theory.

There is an alternate theory about Black Holes which states that they aren't infinitely dense.  There could be a finite limit to density.  There is also a much more fringe and probably not true theory that states that Black Holes are just super massive neutron stars.

If we accept that gravity can attract light then this explains gravitational lensing.

If we accept that there is a cosmic speed limit then this explains time dilation.

"Spacetime" is a model that explains both these things.  When they say that space is curved, they really mean that spacetime is curved.  This concept confused me for a long time.

In my mind, this doesn't rule out the possibility of another model.   "All models are wrong.  Some models are useful."

Lithium is dangerous

March 4 2022 Moon Crash - view from different location

I think that this is fake, but a scenario like this is definitely possible. History has recorded people seeing a fire on the moon from an apparent meteor strike. I have heard about a strike that was more recent.

A few years ago an asteroid exploded over Russian with the force of a powerful nuclear weapon.


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Saturday, June 18, 2022

The actual science of the "industrial seed oil" panic

I get frustrated with all the contradictory health information we hear regularly.  This video does a good job of talking about the science and the arguments on both sides.



I get annoyed when I hear people say, as they often do, "There is no gravity in space."

There is gravity everywhere.  Some places much more than others.   A ship in orbit is using centrifugal force to counteract the pull of Earth's gravity.  Technically, it is in constant freefall.