Thursday, April 11, 2024

Old Tube TVs

For those who don't remember, powering up really old televisions would start as an expanding dot in the middle of the screen.  It would only take a few seconds to reach full size.  Old televisions used vacuum tubes instead of transistors, which needed warming up.  They glowed orange.  You could see them through the heat vents in the back.  In a dark room, the TV would light up the wall behind it.

I remember going to a repair shop that had dozens of different types of replacement tubes.   A local drug store used to have a tube tester by the door.

Starting in the mid-1970s, manufacturers advertised televisions that were "Instant On".  I noticed these TVs kept some vacuum tubes powered up even when the TV was "off".

Old TVs put out a great deal of heat.

Where we went wrong with the COVID-19 pandemic

Thursday, April 4, 2024

Talking to an anti COVID vaccine person

>I got mine almost right out of the gate, was sick for a little over a week and
>have been fine since, No vaccines just natural immunity. I don't have any
>comorbidities other than being an old fart. The Mrs has been vaccinated and
>boosted a couple of times and has gotten it twice. Once pretty bad. Screw that

I went for four years without getting COVID until the JN1 variant had a
different enough spike protein to have vaccine escape. I see no reason to say
screw the vaccine. I've seen the data that during the height of COVID, the
unvaccinated had several times the overall death rate.

I have a long history of respiratory illnesses, so the vaccine is likely
something that I needed.

After a doctor said that I was past COVID-19, I developed post-COVID bronchitis
that refuses to go away. This is what I am trying to get over.

>I see every reason to say "screw the vaccine"
>1.They knew out the gate that it would not prevent catching the virus.
>2. They knew out the gate it would not prevent the spread.
>3. They knew out the gate of the potential for respiratory and cardiac issues.
>4. They doctored virtually every statistical/numerical issue related to Covid
>with the end result that we as a people are completely in the dark as to what
>the fuck is going on. 
>5. They restricted access to any known effective
>medicines. I could continue the list probably to at least 20-30. I think the
>whole purpose was to get the people to accept being guinea pigs for the MRNA
>experimental gene therapy

I have tried where possible to look at the scientific studies regarding this

Your "out of the gate" points are incorrect.  It is true as the disease mutated
the vaccines were less effective, but they were still better than nothing.

The initial trial showed that the vaccine was over 90% effective at preventing
the disease and hospitalization.  However, in getting the Emergency Use
Authorization they did not have time to test if the vaccine stopped the spread
of the disease. An official from Pfizer admitted this to the congress of the
European Union, and the anti-vax conspiracy theorists ran with this and claimed
that this proved that the vaccine didn't stop the spread of the disease.
However, that doesn't mean those studies weren't done later, and I have read at
least a couple of studies that showed that the vaccine helped stop the spread of
the disease.

I would like to send you a link that shows that the overall death rate was
several times higher among the unvaccinated.

Best wishes,

>You and I have different news sources,,, I still trust mine and do not trust
>yours'. It might be different if they hadn't lied to us continuously throughout
>the whole damn process. There are admittedly numerous "studies" and "papers",,,
>but how many are 100% independent??? which they would have to be for me to
>consider them to be even worth considering

I don't believe that we have been lied to the whole time.  We started with
incomplete information and information evolved as circumstances and our
understanding changed.

I think that scientific papers are trustworthy.  If you can't trust scientific
papers then who can you trust?

It has been my observation that the anti-vax people are mostly conspiracy
theorists. I think that they do themselves a disservice because they will be
vulnerable to preventable diseases.

My cousin refused to take the vaccine and died from COVID.  She regretted not
taking the vaccine.  My sister is a physician who had patients who refused to
take the vaccine and died.

Some people will be healthier than others and perhaps will be fine.  

Best Wishes,

John Coffey