Wednesday, June 19, 2019

If the universe is only 14 billion years old, how can it be 92 billion light years wide?

There was a time when parts of the universe were moving away from other parts of the universe faster than the speed of light. That time is right now. The point is space itself is expanding everywhere at a very rapid rate. It was even more in the very early universe, during a period called super inflation. Then it settled down to something reasonable, but because of Dark Energy, the expansion will become greater over time.

This video explains and clarifies what we mean by the visible universe and the microwave background radiation. However, it takes some effort to understand it.

Friday, June 14, 2019

The Green New Deal, explained

It fails to mention that we have only gone up one degree since 1880. The change in the CO2 level has on average been less than 1 part per million per year, and the temperature change on average has been less than 1/100th of a degree per year.
It fails to mention that predictions used to be in the 6 to 12-degree range, and that it was predicted that the polar ice caps would melt when we got to 5 degrees. Now they are saying that an extra 1 to 1.5 degrees over what we have now are a problem. It fails to mention that we will be out of most fossil fuels by the year 2100. It fails to mention that over the long history of the earth the CO2 level in the atmosphere declined so drastically that we were running out of atmospheric CO2. During the last period of glaciation, the level dropped to 180 PPM, which is dangerously close to the level where all the terrestrial plants die. It fails to mention the benefits we have gotten from CO2, such as increased crop yields. It fails to mention that there are methods for taking CO2 out of the atmosphere, such as Iron Fertilization. However, I don't think that we need to. We are predicted to reach 800 PPM CO2 level by the year 2100 which is roughly when our fossil fuels will run out.  
It fails to mention that we will have practical nuclear fusion by 2050, if not much sooner.

HBOs Chernobyl: BUSTED!

I find it appalling that a popular drama would so distort the science.