Monday, October 21, 2019

Did Time Start at the Big Bang?

Is Time Travel Impossible?

I still have a problem with "space-time" as a unified thing. This leads to conclusions like time didn't exist before the Big Bang, which I find highly questionable. However, Special Relativity depends upon it. In order for space-time to not exist, we would need a completely different model of the universe.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Quotation of the day

In this age of political hysteria, we must all educate ourselves on the facts – the actual science. Unfortunately, there seems to be a total lack of awareness about important issues that scientists like myself – who aren't paid by research grants – are concerned about.

Instead, climate science is being used as a political weapon, and the voices of scientists like me are being ignored or even vilified. I was under the impression that in the United States, all voices and arguments should be heard. Climate science is not settled science. If it was, why would there be a continuous flow of money to research it? For example, is AOC aware that in the fossil fuel era, in spite of a four-fold increase in population, deaths have plummeted?


Perhaps we should pause and consider why none of the global warming models from two decades ago have come to fruition. Perhaps we should slow down and think about the consequences of allowing our adversaries to supply the world with cheap energy, because one thing is for sure – wind farms and solar panels won't get the job done.

The objective reader should examine all sides of the climate debate and should ask himself: Are the consequences of acting hastily worse than not acting at all? I think many are skeptical of rushing forward. We must rein in the political hysteria and fear-mongering that is driving the climate change agenda.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

A Sound of Thunder

The 2005 "A Sound of Thunder" was an interesting time travel science fiction movie, although the special effects were kind of crappy. I like the movie, but I suspect that it would look dated.

The premise of the movie is that if you time travel back to the time of the dinosaurs and make one tiny little change then you will completely alter the present in horrible ways.

However, I don't buy this premise. The natural forces that alter this world over tens of millions of years aren't going to care didly squat what you did 70 million years ago. That is like saying if I were to spit into the Missippi River at Minneapolis Minnesota that it would cause a flood in New Orleans Louisianna.