Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Impossible EM Drive.

Although this definitely would be interesting, I find it highly questionable.  The wording of the article makes me think that they are trying way too hard to make their claims, as if the article was written by the proponents of this.  Although not technically perpetual motion, it has that kind of ring to it.

Over the last 4 decades there have been a number of people claiming to extract energy out of basically nothing.  Most of these have not panned out or have been shown to be an artifact of something else.  Although not the same thing, this EM Drive has the same kind of ring to it.



​In order for this to be true, our understanding of the laws of physics would have to change.  (That could be a good thing.)​  If their claims of manipulating Quantum Vacuum were true, then one would have to wonder if there is some unseen environmental impact?

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