Tuesday, September 14, 2021

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Einstein thought that Quantum Physics is an inadequate representation of reality and that there are hidden variables or physics that we don't understand, and possibly may never be able to understand.  I have seen a video claiming that the hidden variable idea has been disproven, but I side with Einstein on this one.  Much can be explained by the fact that what we perceive as particles are waves in fields according to Quantum Field Theory.  All the weirdness in Quantum Physics has to do with the particles not having an exact location.

The next question would be what are the fields made of?  We might never know.  

I find Pilot Wave Theory enticing.  The idea is that particles are actually particles, but they ride on top of waves giving us essentially the same result.  Reportedly there is some minor evidence for this, but the two theories are hard to distinguish from one another.

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John Coffey

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