Sunday, February 6, 2022

Number of active cases

The number of active cases has remained flat for a few days.  Still, with roughly 30 million cases, this means that one out of eleven Americans has COVID-19 right now.  That seems like an astonishing number.  This only includes people who report being infected.  There could be many more who don't.

About a month ago, we were setting records for daily new cases and this continued for a while.  Now it is dropping.  Maybe the virus is running out of people to infect.

I feel like Omicron is a different disease.  It is 10 times less deadly but at least 10 times more infectious.  Hospitalizations did not go down with Omicron but peaked around January 20nth.

Whereas the vaccines were 80% effective against Delta, according to a couple of different articles, the booster vaccine is either 34% or 80% effective against the Omicron variant, but it wanes maybe after 3 months.


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